Feature & Documentary Screenwriter

David writes feature and documentary screenplays. As you might have guessed, as an historian, he focuses on true stories. He has completed his first feature motion picture screenplay entitled Rain of Ruin.


Logline: As his country is incinerated around him, one man risks assassination to convince his government, dominated by militarists determined to fight a decisive battle on Japanese soil, to end World War II. Another man, the new and untested President of the United States, faces an ominous decision. Should he invade Japan and risk catastrophic casualties or use of the most powerful weapon ever created? 

The screenplay finished as a top 10 finalist in the GI Film Festival's 2015 competition. 

“Why make it up when there are so many dramatic true stories in history that should and need to be told.” David Dean Barrett 

The following screenplays are in the early stages of development and use  these working titles: 

  • Japanese American Nisei and the 442nd Battalion
  • Japanese American Nisei and the Military Intelligence Services in World War II
  • The Omaha Beach Destroyers of D-Day
  • Japan’s Attempt to Create and Deliver Biological Weapons in WWII and its Infamous Unit 731
  • My War – The Veteran Next Door, a six part made for TV series, features the wartime experiences of eighteen American combat veterans. The documentary focuses on the unique aspects of each veteran’s story rather than a specific battle or war. Principal photography was  completed on the first three veteran interviews in 2012.