Book and Articles

Mr. Barrett not only writes feature and documentary screenplays, he is also an author working on his first manuscript. As of July 2018, he and his agent, Leticia Gomez of Savvy Literary Services, completed an agreement to publish Reign of Ruin - Countdown to Armageddon in the Pacific with Diversion Books.

David's 8,000 word article entitled "Reign of Ruin" was published in the Spring 2017 edition of WWII Quarterly magazine. A second article, “Japan’s Hellish Unit 731,” is currently scheduled for release in the magazine’s Fall 2018 edition.


"As someone who has written several articles for my magazine, David Barrett is always especially insightful and skilled at telling a story in a fresh and very compelling way." --Flint Whitlock, Editor, WWII Quarterly

"I found [the article] to be very thoughtful and well written. I was particularly fond of your analysis of FDR's decision to insist upon unconditional surrender from Japan." 

   Eric Van Slander

"I read [your article] Japan’s Reign of Ruin – twice and I must say I was immensely impressed – but not surprised. I admire your ability to finely craft every sentence to make a succinct point. Your description of the bomb blast and the immediate aftermath was haunting and offered what seemed like a unique perspective. This article also serves as a nice, concise snapshot of the whole Pacific theater during the war with insight as to how the European theater affected this theater. The explanation of the Japanese and American officials was nicely stitched together and provided, again, a unique insight as to the inner workings of the governments. A magnificent collection of real, hard facts! You nicely indicated five principal topics in the last year of the war and the reader sensed that these topics were the basis of a certain outline."

   Martin Griffin